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our goal:

Traditionally, the marching bass drum is seen as an instrument for students to default to if they don’t have the technical or mental ability to play an upper battery instrument. In many programs with large, dedicated staffs, this isn’t an issue as a bass drummer is just as likely to get consistent instruction as any other member of the battery.

Unfortunately, for the majority of programs that can only afford smaller, minimal staffs, these beginning bass drummers tend to miss out on some of the most important parts of their musical education. This can stunt their potential growth as a musician, as well as reduce their excitement about the instrument as they witness themselves struggling to play easier music while seeing their older peers succeed with harder, more engaging parts.

BASS DRUM GROUP aims to provide a resource where younger bass drummers with little access to instruction can find accurate, easy-to-understand information that’ll get them on the roadmap to success sooner, as well as demonstrate examples of the highest echelons of bass drumming in hopes of demonstrating the potential of the instrument and inspiring them to pick up their sticks and get practicing.